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Game, Set, Match:

Shine a spotlight on your brand with Player Patches in elite tennis.

We offer exclusive player patch opportunities, allowing your brand to share the court with today’s tennis stars. Your logo, their jersey—tennis fans won’t miss it.
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High-Profile Events

We can patch players at all major tennis events, plus all WTA and ATP tour events, giving you unique access to this eminent media space.

Massive Global Reach

Feature in 3-5 hours of play per match, TV coverage, repeats, highlights, press, online, social media, apps and streaming.

Social Media Activation

Social media posts by patched players included. This enhances the brand's reach and bond with the player and their fans.

Brands We Work With
Frequently Asked Questions
Are Tennis Player Patches visible during matches?

Positioned strategically on competing players’ attire, Tennis Player Patches provide dynamic and continuous visibility during the on-court action.

Are Tennis Player Patche visible online?

Through highlights and photography, Tennis Player Patches are showcased to a vast online audience - both official channels and otherwise - extending their reach and impact.

Can my brand get access to photos of our Tennis Player Patches?

We endeavor to provide professional photos within 2-5 days of your patch being featured in a match.

What type of media coverage do Tennis Player Patches achieve?

Official event social media profiles, plus major sports and news media outlets frequently post photos and videos that feature play patches, providing additional visibility.

Why is Tennis a good sport for brands to achieve global reach?

Tennis currently sits at number four in worldwide popularity with one billion worldwide fans.

What type of age groups watch Tennis events?

Tennis attracts fans of all ages, as 74% of tennis fans are aged between 16 and 44.

Is Tennis popular amongst male and female fans?

Tennis fans attract an almost even split between male and female fans. 60% Male, 40% Female.

Are Tennis Player Patches visible outside of matches?

Tennis Player Patches are heavily featured during interviews and press coverage, further enhancing brand exposure through engagement with the media.

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